Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Closer Detail of OA PD1 Painting

Oatley Academy - Painting Drama 1 WIP Detail

So I have this is a detail of a piece that I have been working on that started out as an Assignment for Oatley Academy. There is a lot more to this painting and as soon as I am satisfied with it I will put it out. I really think that the look of older Middle Eastern and North African design is really cool. I love the paintings of Morocco done by De La Croix, and paintings by Gerome. I think the it's really unexplored in the Fantasy Art world, or rather it's a bit caricatured in weird direction. And even in my painting I'm probably not doing justice to subtleties of such a diverse part of the world. In any case I love the look of the clothing and the costuming of this character from the movie 'Hidalgo' is just so cool, so I thought I'd include him in this pic of influences for this painting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Digital Sketchbook - Classic Cars, again

Usually I don't throw color on top of the drawings I do in my digital sketchbook, but I wanted to take the opportunity to study how color/light hit's the surface of cars. I also, wanted to try painting based more on flat colors. This way I couldn't blend and had to be decisive about the colors I use.