Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Applying study to style

I found a picture on the net (I'll link to it as soon as I can find the source, again) and I was really drawn to it. The picture is of a woman, very pin up art style/ alternative model, but what I liked about the photo was the 1-2-3 combination of light hitting the top of her head, shoulder and butt. So I did a study where it was a bit more of a photo copy but making sure I hit those high points. I don't think however, that just copying a photo is always good enough of a practice. I decided to take what I loved about the photo and stylize it so that I could apply that design style.

Also, in the photo she wasn't holding a cigarette holder, with a lit cigarette on it. I changed that to boost up some interest, storytelling and to paint some smoke.

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