Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Been A while

So it has been a little while since my last post, not that I have been stagnant but I got some work that I had to attend to. I got freelanced out for some work I will post in a bit but first I thought I would post some studies I've done. I always do studies I just don't always post them because: 1) They don't always turn out well, even if I've learned something, the end product isn't always the prettiest. 2) I've always thought of studies as something person, for myself, so that I learn something. I know people do show studies, but I like to just keep doing them and not worry so much about posting them.

Here is an example of one study that I have mixed feelings about. The original image (top) is from a Sergio Leone movie title Once Upon A Time In America. It's a movie about Jewish mobsters during the times of Prohibition. As per Leone's usual, it carries that on-screen deliciousness. Well lit and well framed. So I did from the movie frame and then tried (below) to see if I could change up the lighting but still keep the same overall composition.

This is a side-by-side study I did of a rock that I found doing a google image search of "Grand Canyon rock formations." I picked this because I know what with the Grand Canyon I was going to get some rich orange, reds and some really cool violet hues. I love this combination, I love the violets and oranges that you see. Love it!! I have to visit there so I can do traditional studies. Also, a concentration here, was the swooping shapes of the rocks. Cool stuff. 

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